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COMO DELUXE is the new premium collection by COMO Fashion - your partner for high quality workwear for all industries.

COMO DELUXE was created in collaboration with our customers and their specific requests. The current collection combines our own knowledge and experiences with the special requirements and needs of our customers.

To ensure the best possible wearing comfort, we only use high-quality materials and new fabric-technologies and pair them with our long-standing experience in fabric care. Due to our careful choice of materials, we guarantee our customers reilient clothes: easy-care, colorfast, easy-iron and washable at high temperatures. All products in the COMO DELUXE line are fit for industrial laundering, finishing and can be easily leased, which makes the pieces suitable for all launderers and leasers. Fashionable designs, modern cuts and a wide range of colors make for a huge product range and thus can be easily combined.

The striking benefit of all items of the collection is their long-lasting quality and their outstanding performance characteristics that meet the requirements of each individual industry. To ensure long-term availability with COMO DELUXE, you enjoy the benefits of a re-order guarantee over several years.

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Forage Hat CharlestonCOMO Deluxe
from 14,90 €
Kansas Chefs ToqueCOMO Deluxe
from 14,90 €
Toledo Chefs ToqueCOMO Deluxe
from 13,90 €
MC Allen Chefs ToqueCOMO Deluxe
from 12,90 €
Chandler Chefs HatCOMO Deluxe
from 18,90 €
Frisco BandanaCOMO Deluxe
from 11,90 €
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