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Waistband trousers for craftsmen

The most important thing about workwear for trade and industry is the right work trousers. The most popular are highly functional waistband trousers with many pockets for folding ruler and tools, which must always be ready to hand. COMO Fashion's waistband trousers are absolute must-haves in the trade, both in terms of comfort and quality. Due to the high stretch content, the waistband trousers are very comfortable to wear and provide you with plenty of room to move.  For the right fit all our models are available in many sizes and some also in short sizes. And our work trousers are also top quality: the high-quality workmanship and the many functional details make the waistband trousers the ideal companion for every day.

Optics also play a major role in our range: The waistband trousers are available in both neutral and modern colours. So you can put together your own collection with trousers, shirt and jacket and you are always properly dressed. Whether electrician, bricklayer or carpenter - every craftsman will find his ideal work trousers here.
Active work trousersCOMO Fashion
from 34,90 €
DX4 work trousers
from 75,90 €
WX3 Service trousers
from 52,90 €
KX3 cargo trousers
from 30,90 €
KX3 Ripstop trousers
from 44,90 €
KX3 Flexi trousers
from 36,90 €
PW3 work trousers
from 30,90 €
Trousers Painters Pro
from 33,90 €
Painters trousers
from 22,90 €
PU rain trousersCOMO Fashion
from 21,90 €
PU rain trousersCOMO Fashion
from 22,90 €
Basic rain trousersCOMO Fashion
from 10,90 €
Mens Work Trousers
from 39,90 €
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