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Workwear Trousers for Crafts and Maintenance

Work trousers are an important component of workwear. Depending on whether you stand or sit for the most part of the day, work trousers need to be especially comfortable. Here at COMO Corporate Fashion we have the perfect trousers for every industry. Just choose your occupational group and a wide range of workwear of all kinds, including work trousers, is immediately at your disposal. But a uniform appearance is important not only in gastronomy, service, wellness as well as healthcare. In crafts and trades work trousers also fulfil a safety aspect. They are especially robust and protect the worker against injuries. Moreover, they protect the everyday clothes against dirt and wear. Most work trousers also come with a lot of pockets, thus facilitating work. Under the section ready-to-wear you find women's and men's fashion for business, too: suits, blazers, skirts, waistcoats, suit jackets, ties, kerchiefs, belts, bow ties and shoes from premium to basic quality. Nothing is left to be desired.

Active work trousersCOMO Fashion
from 34,90 €
DX4 work trousers
from 75,90 €
WX3 Service trousers
from 52,90 €
KX3 cargo trousers
from 30,90 €
KX3 Ripstop trousers
from 44,90 €
KX3 Flexi trousers
from 36,90 €
PW3 work trousers
from 30,90 €
DX4 Dungarees
from 88,90 €
WX3 Dungarees
from 60,90 €
PW3 Worker dungarees
from 47,90 €
Active DungareesCOMO Fashion
from 38,90 €
WX3 short trousers
from 46,90 €
PW3 work shorts
from 31,90 €
KX3 Ripstop Shorts
from 42,90 €
Short Work-4-YouCOMO Fashion
from 48,90 €
Short CamouflageCOMO Fashion
from 25,90 €
Short GaryCOMO Fashion
from 25,90 €
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