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High-visibility warning clothing for good visibility

In some trades, good visibility is a must - here you are in the right place with our high visibility clothing. Our warning protection collection combines good visibility with modern design, making you a real eye-catcher - in the truest sense of the word! High functionality is particularly important for daily work outside. Thanks to the stretch fabric of our work trousers and the breathable but waterproof fabric, our work clothing is very comfortable to wear, no matter what the weather is like.

Whether in road construction, track construction or other trades - with COMO warning protection clothing you are properly dressed. Our models are available in classic orange and yellow in combination with black as well as modern in combination with navy. This is how modern and safe warning protection clothing works!
High-visibility warning clothing for good visibility
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PW3 warning protection sweat jacketPW3 warning protection sweat jacket
from 49,90 €unit price 63,90 €
PW3 warning protection jacketPW3 warning protection jacket
from 55,90 €unit price 70,90 €
PW3 warning protection quilted jacketPW3 warning protection quilted jacket
from 76,90 €unit price 97,90 €
PW3 warning protection rain jacketPW3 warning protection rain jacket
from 91,90 €unit price 117,90 €
PW3 Breathable rain jacketPW3 Breathable rain jacket
from 111,90 €unit price 142,90 €
PW3 warning protection softshell jacketPW3 warning protection softshell jacket
from 67,90 €unit price 86,90 €
High-visibility 7-in-1 contrast traffic jacketHigh-visibility 7-in-1 contrast traffic jacket
from 121,90 €unit price 154,90 €
3-in-1 high-visibility pilot jacket3-in-1 high-visibility pilot jacket
from 68,90 €unit price 87,90 €
Madrid high-visibility jacketMadrid high-visibility jacket
from 31,90 €unit price 40,90 €
Mascot Oxford Warning JacketMascot Oxford Warning JacketMascot
from 113,90 €unit price 144,90 €
Rain jacket high visibilityRain jacket high visibility
from 24,90 €unit price 31,90 €
High-visibility traffic jacketHigh-visibility traffic jacket
from 35,90 €unit price 44,90 €
High-visibility pilot jacketHigh-visibility pilot jacket
from 35,90 €unit price 44,90 €
PW3 warning protection lined waistcoatPW3 warning protection lined waistcoat
from 69,90 €unit price 88,90 €
Berlin Executive VestBerlin Executive Vest
from 10,90 €unit price 12,90 €
PW3 warning protection work trousersPW3 warning protection work trousers
from 48,90 €unit price 61,90 €
PW3 warning protection trousersPW3 warning protection trousers
from 48,90 €unit price 61,90 €
2-colour high-visibility combat trousers2-colour high-visibility combat trousers
from 33,90 €unit price 42,90 €
Rain trousers high visibilityRain trousers high visibility
from 16,90 €unit price 20,90 €
Mascot Kendal warning trousersMascot Kendal warning trousersMascot
from 106,90 €unit price 136,90 €
PW3 warning protection trousersPW3 warning protection trousers
from 58,90 €unit price 74,90 €
KX3 warning protection Flexi trousersKX3 warning protection Flexi trousers
from 59,90 €unit price 75,90 €
High visibility trousers Sevilla
from 30,90 €unit price 38,90 €
High-visibility polyester-cotton shortsHigh-visibility polyester-cotton shorts
from 26,90 €unit price 34,90 €
PW3 warning protection shortsPW3 warning protection shorts
from 41,90 €unit price 52,90 €
PW3 short warning protection trousersPW3 short warning protection trousers
from 36,90 €unit price 47,90 €
High-visibility dungarees GironaHigh-visibility dungarees Girona
from 40,90 €unit price 51,90 €
PW3 warning protection dungareesPW3 warning protection dungarees
from 56,90 €unit price 72,90 €
PW3 warning protection T-shirt short sleevePW3 warning protection T-shirt short sleeve
from 18,90 €unit price 22,90 €
PW3 Warnschutz T-Shirt langarmPW3 Warnschutz T-Shirt langarm
from 27,90 €unit price 34,90 €