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Health & Care Workwear

Are you looking for the right workwear for your hospital, practice or nursing service? COMO's corporate fashion aims at a uniform appearance of the employees in the company. Whether for the doctor or the staff of a medical or massage practice or in geriatric care, with us you will find the right workwear for medicine and care. We offer tunics, doctor's trousers, medical jackets, doctor's coats, polo shirts and T-shirts in various cuts. In addition, you will find surgical clothing, blouses and shirts, as well as jumpers, fleece and knitwear in the COMO Fashion Online Shop.

In terms of colour, we have stuck to the traditional and predominant white in the area of medicine, wellness and care. This colour has the advantage that white workwear can be boiled, which is absolutely necessary for hygienic reasons in the medical, wellness and care professions. Of course, just like any other workwear COMO Corporate Fashion offers, all medical and care workwear is skin-friendly and extremely comfortable to wear.
Health & Care Workwear
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Ladies Coat with Stand Up CollarLadies Coat with Stand Up CollarGreiff
from 35,90 €unit price 44,90 €
Doctor Coat Stand Up Collar UnisexDoctor Coat Stand Up Collar UnisexGreiff
from 37,90 €unit price 47,90 €
Bettina Womens Lab Coat LongsleevedBettina Womens Lab Coat Longsleeved
from 37,90 €unit price 47,90 €
Elias Mens Lab CoatElias Mens Lab Coat
from 40,90 €unit price 51,90 €
Ladies Slip-on JacketLadies Slip-on JacketGreiff
from 24,90 €unit price 30,90 €
Unisex slip-on tunicUnisex slip-on tunicGreiff
from 24,90 €unit price 30,90 €
Ladies tunic with stand-up collarLadies tunic with stand-up collarGreiff
from 25,90 €unit price 32,90 €
Unisex tunic with stand-up collarUnisex tunic with stand-up collarGreiff
from 25,90 €unit price 32,90 €
Casaque ElizabethCasaque ElizabethCOMO Deluxe
from 28,90 €unit price 36,90 €
Casaque PortlandCasaque Portland
from 46,90 €unit price 58,90 €
Womens Tunic PalmdaleWomens Tunic Palmdale
from 65,90 €unit price 83,90 €
Mens Tunic JacksonMens Tunic Jackson
from 65,90 €unit price 83,90 €
Unisex slip-on trousersUnisex slip-on trousersGreiff
from 30,90 €unit price 39,90 €
Unisex slip on trousersUnisex slip on trousersGreiff
from 30,90 €unit price 39,90 €
Ladies JeansLadies JeansGreiff
from 32,90 €unit price 41,90 €
Mens JeansMens JeansGreiff
from 32,90 €unit price 41,90 €
Womens Trousers DalyWomens Trousers Daly
from 60,90 €unit price 76,90 €
Mens Trousers VancouverMens Trousers Vancouver
from 62,90 €unit price 79,90 €
Womens Polo Shirt MichaelaWomens Polo Shirt MichaelaGreiff
from 43,90 €unit price 55,90 €
Mens Polo Shirt SalvatoreMens Polo Shirt SalvatoreGreiff
from 43,90 €unit price 55,90 €
Womens Shirt Bonny 1/2-SleevesWomens Shirt Bonny 1/2-SleevesGreiff
from 34,90 €unit price 43,90 €
Men’s T-Shirt JohnnyMen’s T-Shirt JohnnyGreiff
from 41,90 €unit price 53,90 €
Stefan Mens Lab CoatStefan Mens Lab Coat
from 35,90 €unit price 45,90 €
Mens Lab Coat Jonas
from 36,90 €unit price 47,90 €
Mens Lab Coat Luca
from 30,90 €unit price 38,90 €
Womens Lab Coat Emma
from 34,90 €unit price 43,90 €
Womens Lab Coat Sophie
from 29,90 €unit price 37,90 €
Bettina Womens Lab Coat ShortsleevedBettina Womens Lab Coat Shortsleeved
from 34,90 €unit price 44,90 €
Unisex slip-on tunicUnisex slip-on tunicGreiff
from 24,90 €unit price 30,90 €
Womens Slip JacketWomens Slip Jacket
from 26,90 €unit price 33,90 €
Unisex Polo CasaqueUnisex Polo Casaque
from 26,90 €unit price 33,90 €
Ladies Tunic TencelLadies Tunic TencelGreiff
from 43,90 €unit price 55,90 €
Mens Tunic TencelMens Tunic TencelGreiff
from 43,90 €unit price 55,90 €
Tunic with sleeves
from 27,90 €unit price 35,90 €
Casaque Paris
from 47,90 €unit price 57,90 €
Casaque Olina
from 50,90 €unit price 64,90 €
from 29,90 €unit price 38,90 €
Casaque Clovis
from 23,90 €unit price 29,90 €
Casaque GreeleyCasaque Greeley
from 25,90 €unit price 32,90 €

Just as all workwear, Workwear Healthcare and wellness by COMO Corporate Fashion, your specialist for workwear and shoes, aims at a uniform appearance of the staff of a firm. Be it for the doctor, the employees of a doctor's surgery, a massage practice or a retirement home, at COMO you can find the perfect workwear healthcare for every employee. Our range of products comprises tunics, trousers, casaques, lab coats, polo shirtst-shirts as well as knitwear, fleece and sweaters in different cuts. In the range workwear healthcare and wellness our preferred colour is the traditional and predominant white. The benefits of this colour are that all white clothing can be boiled, which is absolutely necessary for workwear healthcare and wellness because of hygienic reasons. Of course, the entire range of Workwear Healthcare as well as all other kinds of workwear offered by COMO Corporate Fashion are skin-friendly and provide utmost wearing comfort.

Whereas in many sectors workwear primarily needs to fulfill practical purposes and should protect the everyday clothes from dirt and injuries, in healthcare clean workwear is absolutely vital, as by the nursing personnel's everyday clothes germs can be transmitted that endanger your patients' and care recipients' health. Therefore, you and your staff should watch out for clean workwear in all fields of healthcare also for hygienic reasons. However, even if in healthcare clean workwear is of utmost priority, no-one says that this kind of workwear can't be fashionable, too. After all, workwear in healthcare is mostly worn all day long.

Therefore, also in healthcare, the most important thing is that you feel good in your workwear. For this reason, we at COMO Corporate Fashion offer you a wide range of workwear that is specially geared to the healthcare sector. Be it tunics, trousers, casaques, white-coats, polo shirts and t-shirts or fleece-jackets in classic white or light blue, you will certainly find the suitable workwear for your nursing personnel here. Clearly sorted, you can search for single products or simply browse our website and get inspired by our large assortment. Our Workwear for Healthcare doesn't only look great, but also provides sensational wearing comfort. With these clothes, you will always keep a cool head, even in stressful situations.