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Blouses & Shirts for Hospitality & Hotel

Our blouses and shirts are simply an integral part of professional workwear. They are available in various colours and different shapes. Of course you also find the latest trend colours in our range of products. Due to their ideal fit, the blouses and shirts can be combined without problems and can even be casually worn outside. Whereas one person prefers cotton, the other one likes flexible stretch material best. Here, you learn about the properties and functions of the different textiles.

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Ladies Blouse JerseyGreiff
from 59,90 €
Mens Jersey ShirtGreiff
from 59,90 €
Mens Denim Look ShirtGreiff
from 50,90 €
Shirt El PasoCOMO Deluxe
from 38,90 €
Ferrara Blouse
from 47,90 €
Pesaro shirt
from 47,90 €
Blouse OLYMP Luxor
from 61,90 €
Shirt Rolf LongsleeveGreiff
from 43,90 €
Blouse Riola
from 54,90 €
Blouse Anabel
from 29,90 €
Shirt Paul
from 30,90 €
Blouse Sabrina
from 24,90 €
Shirt Filip
from 25,90 €
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