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Aprons for Hospitality & Hotel

You are looking for modern aprons for your hospitality business? COMO Fashion – your expert in everything about workwear with over 20 years of experience – offers you a great selection of aprons in different kinds of materials, designs and colours. Whether it’s a bib apron, an apron with walking slit or the classic bistro apron, at COMO you’ll certainly find the right apron for you.

Aprons are a must-have in the hospitality business. They can be seen as the standard equipment, especially in jobs like service or retail, as well as in the kitchen. Aprons protect the clothes underneath from dirt and tearing. In the kitchen and bakery, aprons are also used as a towel-substitute. In other areas, like in cafés, bars or coffee shops, aprons can be used as a fashionable accessory to complete the workwear outfit.
Aprons for Hospitality & Hotel
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Denim look pre-tieDenim look pre-tieGreiff
from 30,90 €unit price 39,90 €
Canvas pre-tieCanvas pre-tieGreiff
from 26,90 €unit price 33,90 €
Bistro Apron Denim shortGreiff
from 30,90 €unit price 39,90 €
Canvas Bib ApronCanvas Bib ApronGreiff
from 35,90 €unit price 44,90 €
Womens Bib Apron DenimWomens Bib Apron DenimGreiff
from 37,90 €unit price 47,90 €
Newport Waitress Waiscoast ApronNewport Waitress Waiscoast ApronCOMO Deluxe
from 32,90 €unit price 43,90 €
Newport Waiters Waiscoat ApronNewport Waiters Waiscoat ApronCOMO Deluxe
from 32,90 €unit price 43,90 €
Berkeley Waitress Waistcoat ApronBerkeley Waitress Waistcoat ApronCOMO Deluxe
from 36,90 €unit price 43,90 €
Berkeley Waiters Waistcoat ApronBerkeley Waiters Waistcoat ApronCOMO Deluxe
from 36,90 €unit price 43,90 €
New York Bistro Apron 80 GreeNatureNew York Bistro Apron 80 GreeNature
from 20,90 €unit price 26,90 €
Bakersfield Short Jeans Bistro ApronBakersfield Short Jeans Bistro Apron
from 26,90 €unit price 34,90 €
Sacramento Jeans Bistro Apron with Walking SlitSacramento Jeans Bistro Apron with Walking Slit
from 34,90 €unit price 43,90 €
Denim Bistro Apron DomainDenim Bistro Apron Domain
from 15,90 €unit price 20,90 €
Denim Bistro Apron Division Waxed LookDenim Bistro Apron Division Waxed Look
from 21,90 €unit price 27,90 €
Denim Bistro Apron Jeans StitchDenim Bistro Apron Jeans Stitch
from 14,90 €unit price 19,90 €
Bib Apron DenimGreiff
from 39,90 €unit price 50,90 €
Bib Apron Denim LookBib Apron Denim LookGreiff
from 39,90 €unit price 50,90 €
Clarksville Bib Apron 82x70cmClarksville Bib Apron 82x70cmCOMO Deluxe
from 30,90 €unit price 39,90 €
Chicago Sommelier Apron 110x75 cmChicago Sommelier Apron 110x75 cmCOMO Deluxe
from 29,90 €unit price 38,90 €
Key West Womens Bib Apron 60x78cmKey West Womens Bib Apron 60x78cmCOMO Deluxe
from 24,90 €unit price 30,90 €
Independence Drawstring Apron 84x70 cmIndependence Drawstring Apron 84x70 cmCOMO Deluxe
from 21,90 €unit price 27,90 €
Manhatten Bib Apron 90 GreeNatureManhatten Bib Apron 90 GreeNature
from 21,90 €unit price 27,90 €
Birmingham Jeans Bib ApronBirmingham Jeans Bib Apron
from 36,90 €unit price 46,90 €
Cross Back Latzschürze BaristaCross Back Latzschürze Barista
from 20,90 €unit price 25,90 €
Denim Bib Apron DomainDenim Bib Apron Domain
from 17,90 €unit price 22,90 €

Aprons for Hospitality and Hotels


Aprons are a must in the hospitality and hotel industry. Especially in Service and Sales as well as in the kitchen aprons belong to the standard outfit. They protect workwear against further soiling. Therefore, half aprons are mostly used in the kitchen as towel replacements. The generic term half apron comprises the classic  Bistro Aprons as well as Slit Aprons and Bib Aprons. The bistro apron is the classic apron, and its prevailing feature is its optimal fit due to a firm and full-length webbing.

All bistro aprons in the product range of COMO Corporate Fashion are with seam bar tacking and therefore are particularly resilient. These aprons can be washed at 95°C and thus provide hygienic cleanliness in kitchen and service. You can choose between a classic design or one with a pocket. Moreover, at COMO Corporate Fashion the classic apron is available in 32 colours or in 3 elegant stripe designs.


With the slit apron a new trend has been developed that provides the user with all the benefits of the classic bistro apron plus - due to the long walking slit - with sufficient freedom of leg movement. And pinafore aprons are the perfect combination. These aprons combine functionality, comfort and chic. No matter which apron respectively half apron you choose, you will certainly find the perfect item for your hospitality business.

If you order your aprons from COMO Corporate Fashion, why not use our in-house embroidering service for having your logo or the slogan of your restaurant or hotel applied to the aprons chosen by you. Fitted out this way, your service personnel always makes a professional impression. At the same time you make use of your half aprons as an advertising space for which you would have to pay a lot of money otherwise.


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