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Safety shoes of Base for men and women in trade & industry

Are you looking for fashionable and durable safety shoes for your team in industry and trade? The Italian brand Base offers you safety shoes with modern designs and colourful details. The Base work shoes are a real eye-catcher in everyday work and are suitable for both men and women. And the features are also convincing: the cushioning sole of the Base safety shoes is hydrocarbon resistant and an orthopaedic footbed protects feet and joints from damage in the long term.  The safety shoes thus offer a high level of comfort and good quality thanks to the high-quality workmanship. The safety shoes from Base are available from protection class 1 to protection class 3 - every craftsman will find the right safety shoe here. Let the modern design and the high wearing comfort of the Base safety shoes convince you at COMO Fashion.


Base Cloro work shoe S2Base
from 60,90 €unit price 76,90 €
Base Safety shoe Mozart S3Base
from 73,90 €unit price 94,90 €
Base Occupational shoe sodium S2Base
from 66,90 €unit price 85,90 €
Base Occupational shoe Kuma S2Base
from 66,90 €unit price 85,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be-Jetty S3Base Safety shoe Be-Jetty S3Base
from 77,90 €unit price 98,90 €
Base Safety shoe Beethoven S3Base
from 77,90 €unit price 98,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be Jetty Top S3Base
from 79,90 €unit price 101,90 €
Base Safety shoe Natrium Top S2Base
from 70,90 €unit price 89,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be-Style S1PBase
from 84,90 €unit price 107,90 €
Base Safety shoe Bowling S3Base
from 82,90 €unit price 105,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be-Free S3Base
from 84,90 €unit price 108,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be-Joy Top S3Base
from 87,90 €unit price 112,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be-Free Top S3Base
from 87,90 €unit price 112,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be-Powerful S3Base
from 99,90 €unit price 127,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be-Dynamic S3Base
from 100,90 €unit price 127,90 €
Base Safety shoe Be-Powerful Top S3Base
from 106,90 €unit price 135,90 €
Base Safety shoe Frisbee S1PBase
from 102,90 €unit price 131,90 €
Base Safety shoe K-Step S1PBase
from 112,90 €unit price 143,90 €
Base Safety shoe K-Road S3Base Safety shoe K-Road S3Base
from 127,90 €unit price 162,90 €
Base Safety shoe K-Jump S1PBase
from 140,90 €unit price 179,90 €
Base Safety shoe K-Energy S3Base
from 147,90 €unit price 189,90 €
Shoes of Base

Are you looking for safety shoes for women in trade & industry?

Then you've come to the right place with the Base safety shoes from COMO Fashion. The Base safety shoes are available from size 35 to size 50 and can be worn by both men and women. This means that all craftswomen also have a large selection here and can wear matching Base safety shoes with the men in the team - a perfect match! The modern design with attention to detail of the Base work shoes is a great highlight for craftsmen's clothing. Protect yourself and your team now with Base safety shoes!