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Workwear Crafts & Maintenance: Quality is all that matters!

Are you looking for robust workwear for craftsmen or workwear for your employees in industry? Then COMO Fashion is the right place for you. In the online shop you will find everything you need for your everyday work. Durable work trousers for men and women, waistcoats and jackets with functional details, as well as chic polo shirts or T-shirts for your entire team. With the functional workwear from COMO Fashion, you are not only always dressed ready for action, you and your team also look great.

When selecting workwear for tradesmen, we paid special attention to extremely high durability, so that your workwear will last when it counts. A comfortable fit, practical extras such as pockets for stowing tools and utensils as well as a high-quality finish of the textiles are important characteristics that workwear for craftsmen and craftswomen should fulfil. Thanks to the wide selection of models for men and women and our extensive range of sizes, you are sure to find the right workwear for your entire team here.

Workwear Crafts & Maintenance: Quality is all that matters!
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from 60,90 €unit price 77,90 €
Softshell Jacket CraftsmenSoftshell Jacket Craftsmen
from 84,90 €unit price 107,90 €
Workwear jacket ColorWorkwear jacket Color
from 60,90 €unit price 76,90 €
Workwear Softshell Jacket ColorWorkwear Softshell Jacket Color
from 70,90 €unit price 90,90 €
Workwear softshell jacket lined ColorWorkwear softshell jacket lined Color
from 83,90 €unit price 106,90 €
Workwear softshell jacket lined SolidWorkwear softshell jacket lined Solid
from 97,90 €unit price 124,90 €
Workwear Softshell Jacket SolidWorkwear Softshell Jacket Solid
from 73,90 €unit price 94,90 €
Workwear Softshell Jacket Light SolidWorkwear Softshell Jacket Light Solid
from 60,90 €unit price 76,90 €
Work Overall SolidWork Overall Solid
from 80,90 €unit price 102,90 €
Work Coat SolidWork Coat Solid
from 35,90 €unit price 45,90 €
Workwear Hardshell Jacket EssentialWorkwear Hardshell Jacket Essential
from 102,90 €unit price 131,90 €
Workwear Hardshell Jacket Lined EssentialWorkwear Hardshell Jacket Lined Essential
from 117,90 €unit price 150,90 €
Ladies Hybrid Jacket EssentialLadies Hybrid Jacket EssentialJames & Nicholson
from 47,90 €unit price 60,90 €
Mens Hybrid Jacket EssentialMens Hybrid Jacket EssentialJames & Nicholson
from 47,90 €unit price 60,90 €
from 68,90 €unit price 87,90 €
from 148,90 €unit price 189,90 €
Dassy men stretch winter jacket NordixDassy men stretch winter jacket Nordix
from 148,90 €unit price 189,90 €
from 81,90 €unit price 104,90 €
from 50,90 €unit price 64,90 €
from 50,90 €unit price 64,90 €
from 166,90 €unit price 209,90 €
DX4 quilted jacketDX4 quilted jacket
from 53,90 €unit price 68,90 €
DX4 Base Layer JacketDX4 Base Layer Jacket
from 49,90 €unit price 63,90 €
DX4 Softshell JacketDX4 Softshell Jacket
from 56,90 €unit price 72,90 €
from 80,90 €unit price 102,90 €
from 124,90 €unit price 159,90 €
from 124,90 €unit price 159,90 €
from 70,90 €unit price 89,90 €
from 101,90 €unit price 129,90 €
from 139,90 €unit price 178,90 €
WX3 Softshell JacketWX3 Softshell Jacket
from 52,90 €unit price 67,90 €
KX3 quilted jacketKX3 quilted jacket
from 51,90 €unit price 66,90 €
from 44,90 €unit price 57,90 €
PW3 work jacketPW3 work jacket
from 36,90 €unit price 47,90 €
WX3 work jacketWX3 work jacket
from 53,90 €unit price 68,90 €

In our craft clothing category you will find everything you need in terms of workwear for your profession in craft and industry. Especially for physical work, your workwear should not hinder you, but support you in all situations. Whether you are an electrician, carpenter, painter, bricklayer, screed layer, welder, road construction worker or any other profession in industry and trade - we have the right workwear for everyone. Our work trousers, jackets, shirts and safety shoes are the absolute top of the range in terms of quality. This quality of our workwear supports you in the best possible way in all challenges through the highest functionality. Our fabrics are very high quality and breathable, so it is no problem with our workwear if you start to sweat. A high percentage of stretch ensures optimal freedom of movement in crafts and industry - so you have the greatest possible freedom of movement. The good workmanship of the seams pays off - this makes our workwear very hard-wearing and durable. The many pockets of the workwear, such as a mobile phone pocket, folding rule pocket and many more, keep your tools always at hand. The zippers are also extra welded so that you are protected in any weather. With our clothing, you are well equipped in both warm and cold weather. In our shop you will find our must-haves for crafts.