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Durable safety shoes from Rualtex for trade & industry

Are you looking for robust safety shoes for your everyday work in trade and industry? Then take a look at the safety shoes from Rualtex. The Rualtex safety shoes of protection class 1, protection class 1P, protection class 2 and protection class 3 offer you optimal protection and are also very comfortable to wear. In addition, the modern design of the Rualtex safety shoes is convincing. COMO Fashion offers you a large selection of high-quality Rualtex safety shoes.


Rualtex Safety boot Trieste S3Rualtex
from 30,90 €unit price 38,90 €
Rualtex Safety low shoe Genoa S3Rualtex
from 33,90 €unit price 43,90 €
Rualtex Safety boot Verona S3Rualtex
from 34,90 €unit price 43,90 €
Rualtex Safety boot Pisa S3Rualtex
from 59,90 €unit price 75,90 €
Rualtex Safety low shoe Matello S3Rualtex
from 63,90 €unit price 81,90 €
Rualtex Safety boot Maurice S3Rualtex
from 65,90 €unit price 83,90 €
Rualtex Winter safety boots Malte S3Rualtex
from 69,90 €unit price 88,90 €
Rualtex Safety low shoe Gila S1PRualtex
from 71,90 €unit price 90,90 €
Rualtex Ladies safety shoe Marja S3Rualtex
from 88,90 €unit price 112,90 €
Rualtex Safety boot Tiger S3Rualtex
from 94,90 €unit price 120,90 €
Rualtex Safety low shoe York S3Rualtex
from 98,90 €unit price 125,90 €
Rualtex Safety boot Elko S3Rualtex
from 102,90 €unit price 130,90 €
Rualtex Safety boots roofer Laredo S3Rualtex
from 102,90 €unit price 130,90 €
Rualtex Safety low shoe Tiffin S1Rualtex
from 104,90 €unit price 133,90 €
Rualtex Sports safety sandal Tioga S1PRualtex
from 107,90 €unit price 136,90 €
Rualtex Sports safety low shoe Pecos S1PRualtex
from 107,90 €unit price 136,90 €
Rualtex Safety boot Zwaar S3Rualtex
from 107,90 €unit price 137,90 €
Rualtex Safety low shoe Pius S1PRualtex
from 111,90 €unit price 142,90 €
Rualtex Safety low shoe Bene S3Rualtex
from 113,90 €unit price 144,90 €
Rualtex Safety boot Berend S3Rualtex
from 152,90 €unit price 195,90 €
Rualtex Safety boot Adrian S3Rualtex Safety boot Adrian S3Rualtex
from 152,90 €unit price 195,90 €
Shoes of Rualtex

High quality safety shoes from Rualtex

The safety shoes by Rualtex offer you optimal comfort and highest safety for all craftsmen. The sporty and modern look of Rualtex is also a real eye-catcher in trade & industry. For all craftsmen who work outdoors, we recommend the Rualtex safety shoes of protection class 3. In addition to the toe cap, these are weatherproof and therefore suitable for the whole year. For indoor work, such as in industry, safety shoes of protection class 1 or 1P are ideal. The safety shoes from Rualtex have the look of a sneaker and are therefore light and comfortable to wear. Due to the sporty and modern look, Rualtex safety shoes are an optimal addition for the modern craftsman. Equip your team with Rualtex safety shoes from COMO Fashion now!