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Cut protection clothing

Cut protection clothing is an absolute must in forestry and agriculture and is now legally required in the course of all cutting and woodworking work in connection with cutting tools. Fortunately - many accidents can be prevented this way, because how quickly is one inattentive for a brief moment? For all workers in forestry and agriculture, we at COMO Fashion have just the right workwear for this. Our cut protection clothing complies with EN 381 and class 1 or 2.

But in addition to safety, wearing comfort is also a high priority with our cut protection workwear. Our cut protection clothing and the associated jackets are elastic and breathable. This makes the workwear very comfortable to wear all day long. Thanks to the eye-catching orange colour and the reflectors, you can always be seen clearly with the cut protection clothing, even in the dark. And with the modern cut and design, you cut a good figure at all times. Discover our workwear with cut protection now!

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