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Workwear for gastronomy and the hotel industry is one of our core competencies. That's no surprise, as COMOFASHION has been serving customers from this sector for over 20 years. Be it hotels, restaurants, cafés or franchise chains, we know about the requirements in every detail. Also in catering, event management as well as in the food retailing industry numerous customers trust in proven COMO quality.

Workwear for Gastronomy: More than just aprons

At COMO Corporate Fashion, you find much more than just aprons under the category workwear for gastronomy. As specialists for workwear we know that in gastronomy the impeccable appearance of service personnel requires a lot more. Therefore our range of workwear for gastronomy also comprises waistcoats, jackets, waiter money pouches as well as entire Workwear Dresses. However, under workwear for gastronomy you also find a wide range of aprons, of course. For example, there are  Bistro Aprons, Slit Aprons and Pinafore Aprons. In this category, a particularly useful invention are the so-called click-and-go aprons. When putting on one of these aprons, just close the click closure and that's it. The high wearing comfort of the click-and-go aprons is achieved by means of an elastic ribbon that adjusts itself to the individual shape and is very comfortable. You can find handy waiter money pouches matching several aprons. And of course you also find shoes under workwear for gastronomy, since there is nothing more important to a waiter or a waitress than comfortable shoes.


Fashionable Workwear for Gastronomy

For many years, workwear for gastronomy was dominated by black-and-white monotony. Wherever you looked, workwear of waiters and other service persons was black Trousers and a white  Blouse respectively a white  Shirt. Now you can put an end to this dull monotony in workwear. Because workwear can be fashionably up-to-date and chic at the same time. And most of all, it is allowed to be colourful! The benefit of coloured workwear is its salience, since guests can recognise service personnel very easily. Furthermore, the advertising effect, for example at events, is much stronger, as colour simply attracts more attention. And your logo on the workwear leads to a stronger recognition effect and the guests immediately know who they owe the great service to. Moreover, workwear from COMO requires exceptionally low care and maintenance and can even be washed in boiling water. Thus, nothing can prevent a good, successful performance of your personnel.

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